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With Rugglion, you’re getting the best of the best! Digital marketing is what our experts pride themselves on to give your business the extra push it needs. Brand presence is a staple all modern businesses need to perform well: Graphic Design, Video Editing, Social Media Marketing, Website Design/ Develop and several other strategies will take your business to the next level.


Contact us today! Rugglion is here to support your growth and provide eye-appealing marketing aids, standout web development, and/ or social media tools for your business.


Our New-Age Marcketing Approach

Our marketing team is comprised of several individuals with diverse backgrounds, which creates an all-around marketing synergy. This is what separates Rugglion from traditional digital marketing agencies. 


We’ve put together innovative marketing packages to help identify gaps, exploit opportunities, and drive results within your business. Our main focus is our customer relationships along with quality services that your clientele will remember!


The Purpose

Welcome to Rugglion Digital Marketing, where dynamic art and video meets social media marketing and custom website design! Better yet, Rugglion Bloggin’ site where we’re here to introduce you in-house secrets about all the Digital Marketing topics listed above. 

The goal of every business is simple – increase sales.  This is where Rugglion is going to be your best strategic partner.  Rugglion will provide you all the bloggin’ tips to make you look your best, increase your exposure, and expand your audience – leading to increase conversions. 

No business can do it all.  With the help of the Rugglion Bloggin’ Site, you can focus on product development and rendering service while we focus on providing you informations on looking your best and driving traffic to your doorstep! 

The History

Rugglion Digital Marketing was founded in 2017 by Executive Director, Joseph Ruggiero, Rugglion Digital Marketing has come a long way since its modest start in East Stroudsburg, PA. Joseph developed a passion for digital marketing when he acquired the position of Digital Marketing Coordinator with Solid Innovations and Solid Dynamics, both 3D printing companies. Fascination sparked an interest when Joseph realized that marketing wasn’t all about going door to door or sending mailers anymore. Times were changing; technology was evolving and so was marketing. Innovative marketing aids were the new norm: eye-appealing graphics/ videos, sleek website designs, powerful social media campaigns, and intriguing email blasts have been proven to maximize your businesses exposure. 

With a passion and an aptitude for assisting people in fulfilling their entrepreneurial dreams, Joseph built a team of unique individuals with different marketing specialties to generate an all-encompassing marketing synergy. 

In 2018, came the Rugglion Bloggin’ Site. As we noticed, there was a strong disconnect from common digital marketing information to the average business owner and/or entrepreneur. Even though we’re integrating a tech-forward society. With all the right puzzle pieces and coercive marketing synergies – out came the Rugglion Bloggin’ Site. 

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