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What’s the Community Using for CMS?

Choices for content management systems abound, and across the business landscape you’re bound to encounter a solution we haven’t mentioned here or that isn’t often included on lists of best CMS solutions that might meet your needs. We’ve pulled in some feedback from our community of experts and service providers, and they had some feedback on their preferred CMS software platforms.


“Podio handles everything from Intranet to client history. We also use it for sending estimates, time tracking, production scheduling, and reputation management. We were early adopters for Podio shortly after I came out of beta. This was long before Citrix purchased the company. We are able to automate a lot of repetitive tasks like follow-up emails, archiving projects, calculating client metrics, and to-do lists.”

—John Hofmann, Operations Manager, Fusion Marketing


“We use Basecamp to keep track of all of our tasks, documents, and client work. We’ve tried several different programs including AirTable, Monday, and Asana. All of them work very well, but Basecamp has the best document interface. Everything we need is available in one easy-to-find place.”

—Nick Mattar, Founder & CEO, Digital Detroit


“From the organizational and workflow management standpoint, while we think Jira ranks very highly, we feel Basecamp and especially its earlier versions are excellent solutions. We use Basecamp to manage individual developer’s workload and balance it across teams, communicate with clients, track task status, and time and forecast deliverables.”

—Max Tokman, Technical Director, Off-Site Services, Inc.


“Contentstack allows every member of my team to have access to the content they need and see exactly where in the publishing cycle that piece of content is. Running a web development company can get hectic while trying to manage different projects at the same time. Contentstack empowers developers to collaborate around content like never before.”

—Miguel Cairo, CEO, Unique Web Designer


“We use Canva for graphic design, Airtable for organizing and scheduling content, Asana for project management. Canva is cloud-based so it works better for our team for managing revisions and collaborating in real time. Airtable keeps our content organized and streamlines the approval workflow with our clients and Asana helps us manage internal tasks such as onboarding and content strategy for LinkedIn content marketing clients we manage. They are the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for us.”

—Chris Mitchell, Founder, Intelus Agency


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With the rising importance of content marketing across all channels and industries, content management systems are increasingly becoming considered a necessary component in successful marketing technology stacks. However, choosing the right organizational approach for your needs can be tricky. While we’ve laid out some alternatives here, this list is by no means exhaustive, and you can expect to quickly be overwhelmed by options searching out a platform that works for you. Luckily, the UpCity B2B marketplace is full of service providers eager to help you nail down your marketing needs. If you’re not quite ready to partner up and you still want to do some research, check out our marketing software reviews and comparisons to find out more about the leading CMS systems on the market today.