The Rugglion Blog

Why have we made these changes? 

In the nine years we’ve been operating, we have never fully updated our plans and pricing. 

We’ve only historically removed a very limited plan, and tweaked a plan name.

And in all of this time, we’ve been releasing new tools, improving our data, and expanding the BuzzSumo universe.

In the last three years alone we’ve added substantial features including BuzzSumo Journalist Profiles, the Content Ideas Generator, the Keyword Tool, the Facebook Page Analyzer – and more.

We’ve also more than doubled the length of our free trial to 30 days.

But with all of these additional tools and features, we have realized it’s getting trickier for users to know where to begin. 

This has been the driving force behind our new plan offering. 

We want to better match the needs of our users and support their most important workflows.