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On this episode of Brave Commerce, Grant Hill—basketball Hall of Famer, co-owner of Atlanta Hawks and board member of Campbell Soup Company—shares strategies for fostering trust and vulnerability by identifying and defining your workplace culture.

Hill, who spent 19 years in the NBA, has expanded his business portfolio to encompass real estate, executive leadership, sports analysis and even art. The obstacles Hill faced when transitioning to remote work highlighted for him the importance of face-to-face interactions. While technology can be helpful, Hill prioritizes connecting in person as much as possible.

He emphasizes the importance of communicating a clear north star, as well as setting long- and short-term goals, regardless of whether your company operates virtually or in person. He also explains how vulnerability can be advantageous for leaders, particularly when working remotely. 

Key takeaways:

  • Vulnerability is a sign of strength.
  • A clear, concise message and targets for your team are crucial.
  • Define the company culture that fits your leadership style.