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Prioritizing by engagement helps you find:

Your most important brand mentions

  • Find out if you’ve been featured in a piece of positive national news that has engaged audiences across the country, and use this in your marketing, as social proof for your business.

Your most important competitor mentions

  • Find out if your clients’ competitors have been mentioned in an article that is gaining big traction on social, and get in touch with the author to pitch your client’s product / service.

Your most important keywords

  • Discover popular trending topics that are important to your client, and use this knowledge to pitch new campaign ideas that will hit the mark.

Your most important backlinks (domain & URL)

  • Discover the most engaging content that is linking to your brand or your client’s brand, to find your best SEO advocates.

Your most important content (domain & URL)

  • Monitor all the most engaging mentions of a piece of content (URL) written by your brand, client, or competitor to analyze success and bank ideas for future reference.

Your most important authors

  • Monitor the content mentioning thought leaders, journalists, experts, influencers or celebrities that draw the biggest audience on social, and use this insight to fuel your content or PR strategies.

In short, BuzzSumo Alerts help you separate the wheat from the chaff, and make the right decisions for your business or client at the click of a filter.

This makes for a great value-add, alongside your free Google Alerts.

Finding unlinked mentions

BuzzSumo Alerts: ✅

Google Alerts: ❌

Google Alerts flag all mentions, linked or otherwise, and there’s no denying that’s an awesome thing.

But what if you’re wanting to hone in on new link opportunities specifically?

Whether you’re optimizing your content to make it more powerful in the eyes of Google, or boosting referral traffic to a clients’ campaign, it’d take some time to sift through alerts and hone in on unlinked mentions manually – especially if your alert is for a broad topic, or if your brand / client is kind of a big deal.

In your Monitoring dashboard, BuzzSumo lets you sort by unlinked mentions to help you automatically hone in on these quick-win opportunities.