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The focus of marketing experts shifted towards content creation in the last few years due to changes in search engine optimization standards affected by changes in the Google search engine algorithms. In order to get ahead of these changes and keep their businesses performing in search engine results pages (SERPs), creating original content has risen to the top of most marketing professionals’ lists of priorities, as original informative or educational material will deliver the best results.

There are several other interesting statistics of note that arose from our respondents. While creating original content is a must-have to help build out a successful marketing strategy, marketing experts know that it’s not enough on its own to drive results.

Our respondents gave equal weight to keyword usage; optimized title, URL, and meta descriptions; and internal and external linking. However, while still on the list, it’s become clear that word-count has become less important than it was in the past. Readers seem more open to both long-form and short-form content, as long as it’s informational and relevant to their search needs. 

A majority of B2B small businesses rated having user-friendly visuals as their most vital editorial guideline. Most B2C respondents still rated having 100% original content as a crucial editorial guideline.

When we break down what businesses feel to be essential parts of their editorial guidelines by the market segments served by the respondents, we get a different set of priorities for each group.

For B2B focused service providers, creating more user-friendly visuals and creating 100% original content built around keyword usage top the list of priorities. When we look at the focus of B2C retailers, creating user-friendly visuals still top the list, but because of their increased reliance on search engines and local search to engage with new leads, they rely more on keyword optimization and ensuring websites are properly optimized for SEO.

Even external and internal linking to attract site traffic have priority over unique content, as consumers are looking to B2C more for specific services and products than they are for the content that educates and entices B2B customers.


(On a scale of 1-10, 1 being the most important)

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