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Introduction Videos Do It Better 

Actions speak louder than words and so do videos. If you can come up with a good explainer video for your project, you might just be able to attract a few more people to your project. It is not necessary but it might prove to be one of the important ways to market your ICO. 

The explainer video can talk about your solution and give your target audience an idea of what to expect from the project in a short amount of time. Videos also have proven to have better retention rates than the written word. Make sure that your video is impactful and memorable for it to be able to get the desired results.

Airdrop Campaigns

Don’t we all love some free altcoins for some random tasks? Yes, we do! Airdrop campaigns are built to educate people about cryptocurrency and raise awareness about the ICO. There are several verified channels on several platforms that post updates about new airdrop campaigns. This alone explains the popularity of this method. However, building trust through responsive social media channels and high-quality content is important before launching a successful airdrop campaign. 

You should plan the strategy well with the number of free tokens you intend to give away and how long you will run this campaign and other logistics involved. You need to have a foolproof plan for the airdrop campaign which you need to see through to completion. Dropping off from airdrop campaigns can hurt your project and create resentment among the target audience. This is a very lucrative yet sensitive approach that needs to be planned carefully before execution. 

Go to Town With It 

Take your cryptocurrency out of the workspace and pitch it to potential investors at trade shows or seminars or conferences which attract the top players in the market. Most of these events have a very engaged audience who are looking to invest or work on solutions that help solve problems. They provide a great platform to raise awareness about your product and test waters and see if the product you are offering has potential in the market.

It will be best if you can introduce your team to investors because a team will build more credibility rather than anonymity. This will ensure that the investors are genuinely interested in your product because they understand it better.

Are You Using the Calendar Efficiently? 

Most people ignore the power of posting major events and dates on the calendar. A calendar can prove to be a useful tool for investors to proactively track their activities. This is one of the best ways to showcase transparency while gaining exposure at the same time. These events can range from the notable achievements of the project so far inviting feedback through a pilot launch. Take your pick! 

Choose Instant Messaging Applications over Emails 

Sharing posts on WhatsApp and Telegram channels will prove to be beneficial as compared to sharing emails. Try and aim for platforms that have large and active cryptocurrency groups. You can also partner with popular crypto enthusiasts to help you popularize your ICO. It will provide a good opportunity to build a network that is active and engaged rather than an emailing list. This is one of the most efficient ways to get the word out about your upcoming ICO. 

Influencer Marketing for Better Results 

Remember Elon Musk backing Dogecoin? Similarly, if you have big names associated with your project, it helps bring more and more people to your project. If you have partnered with reputed financial institutions for your project, it will work well for trust-building. 

Influencers and potential investors, if they happen to be known people in the network or otherwise, can have a huge impact on the popularity of a coin. Influencer networks can ensure that you are mentioned in the news feed constantly which in turn helps boost your popularity and hence credibility.

Well, they are all honestly a little intertwined with each other, isn’t it? However, make sure that it doesn’t prove to be counterproductive as any controversy related to the influencer can also hamper the popularity of your coin. Hence, it is a thin line you are walking on and you need to hold on to the ropes tightly.