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We are often asked if web content means text, or some form of graphic as if each exists in its own digital universe. In fact, web content is widely defined as text, visual, or audio examples that are published on websites. That means photos, illustrations, animations, videos, sound recordings, data, and words on a webpage, are all considered to be website content. As a key element in a successful content marketing strategy, digital marketers’ focus is to produce and optimize content development, including copywriting services and graphic design elements. Therefore, a more complete question should be, “Is GOOD content written or graphic, and why?”

That’s because all web content must be optimized so that search engines can locate a given site based on search terms/keywords. To attract search engine bots while simultaneously providing site visitors with fresh and compelling information, web content developers will employ a combination of the two major types of content: text and multimedia. The purpose of text as content is to inform, and may be optimized by internal links to allow site visitors to access more of the information they are looking for. Examples include blogs, FAQ sheets, Q and A pages, product descriptions, and more. 

For almost a decade, Google has decreed that it is not enough for optimizers to seek higher site rankings. Instead, truly successful high-quality content marketing seeks to achieve a better user experience for each site visitor, time after time. That is primarily why copywriting services alone do not drive highly successful content development.

Enter graphics to serve as visual appeal, breaking up blocks of text on a landing page to prevent boredom, stimulate interest, and engage visitors to remain on the site. Web design and graphic content include every media that is not textual. Some examples include:

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