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Augmented reality was part of King Charles’ coronation celebration thanks to an experience launched by technology and marketing services company DEPT in partnership with BBC’s Children in Need and the Royally Big Portrait.

The Royally Big Portrait project was led by artist Sam Barnett. It asked children to submit hand-drawn portraits of King Charles, which were combined into a final portrait put on display at the Outernet London entertainment district.

The final image featured hundreds of thousands of hand-drawn portraits created by people from across the U.K.

“I am proud to be a part of The Royally Big Portrait, celebrating King Charles’ coronation as well as each child’s creativity, whilst giving them the self-belief to achieve and be a part of history,” Barnett said. “DEPT’s ability to bring stories to life through emerging technologies has enabled people up and down the country to experience this statement portrait of King Charles.”

While visitors in London could view the portrait in person from May 1-8, people can still view the portrait in augmented reality from wherever they were. By visiting a website on their smartphone, people can place a floating version of the portrait into the space in front of them on their device’s screen and then search for their own portrait using an included search tool. The augmented reality experience will be available through the end of May.

A representative for DEPT told Adweek “circa 1,500” people accessed the AR experience while the portrait was on display in London.

Lauren Chester, director of tech projects at DEPT, said, “We are thrilled to be involved in this exciting project, which marks a historic moment for the country. Using AR, we were able to provide utility and democratize this moment by enabling everyone at home to experience this through their smartphone and have the joy of finding and seeing their own portrait.”