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Instagram—From Static Aesthetic to Stories and Reels

Instagram is known as the photo-sharing platform, but recently Instagram has decided to focus on video through their Reels product. Instagram videos, or Reels, are similar to TikToks in that they are shot in 15, 30, and 60 seconds.

Instagram favors videos shot in Reels, and not from a third-party platform. If you’re looking for more engagement on your Reels, start on Instagram to appease the algorithm. In addition, use captions for your videos.

TikTok—The New Kid on the Social Block

TikTok exploded onto the scene in 2017 when it purchased The global pandemic experienced a sharp increase in March of 2020 when 315 million users downloaded the app and brands began to leverage the popularity for marketing.

According to TikTok, best practices include shooting in high resolution, including sounds such as a music track or voiceover, use a 9:16 aspect ratio in your shots. Creating your videos using a vertical, or portrait, orientation is also important for more engagement.

TikTok videos can be shot in 15 seconds, 60 seconds, or more recently, three minutes. When you’re creating content, keep these time limits in mind.

The interesting fact about TikTok is that content of all kinds can go viral or capture your audience’s attention. Dancing videos, thirst traps, and trending sounds are just the tips of the content iceberg. Videos about cleaning, ASMR content, cooking, and a variety of non-Gen Z typical content are just as likely to go viral than content aimed at younger people. You may be able to find a niche with your business and start creating TikToks to promote your products or services.